CodeJam VI (3rd Place)

CodeJam VI (3rd Place)

Devin DeMatto·2020·GitHub

Rex-Explorer: A Journey Back in Time

Developed in a week for CodeJam VI by Team Inquisitive Investigators (f1re & Monika), Rex-Explorer embraces the competition's theme of "ancient technology" by reviving the essence of retro computing. Our project celebrates the bygone era with a retro-styled Text User Interface (TUI), designed to transport users back in time and rekindle the simplicity and charm of early computing experiences.


  • Retro File Browsing: Dive into the past with a TUI that lets you explore your files and directories in a way that modern GUIs can't replicate.
  • Integrated Terminal: More than just file browsing—execute commands, change directories, and even push commits to GitHub directly from Rex-Explorer.
  • Text Editor: Why stop at browsing? Edit your files right within Rex-Explorer, experiencing text manipulation as it was in the early days of computing.
  • Photo Viewer: A last-minute addition that turned out to be invaluable, allowing users to view images directly within the TUI environment.
  • File and Directory Management: Create, rename, and copy files and directories, all within the same unified interface.

Achieving third place in the competition, Rex-Explorer was recognized for its comprehensive feature set, combining a file explorer, terminal, text editor, and photo viewer into a single, easy-to-use application.

Watch Rex-Explorer in Action

Experience Rex-Explorer live through our showcase on the following livestream. Jump straight to the segment about our project:

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